Frequently asked questions

Please upload a EndSongX.json or Streaming_History_Audio_YYYY-YYYY_X.json file. You may have the wrong file.

This error occurs when you try and import your listening history from a file that isn't named in the pattern described by the error message.

If your are trying to import files named StreamingHistory0.json, StreamingHistory1.json, etc, then you need to wait a bit longer for Spotify to send the correct files. The type of file you have only contains the streaming data from the last year in an incompatible format. This sometimes happens if you also select "Account data" when starting the data export.

You should get another email from Spotify with the subject "Your extended streaming history is ready to download" which will contain the correct files within a few days / weeks.

If you don't receive another email or you have another issue, please ask in the #support discord channel (opens in a new tab), or contact [email protected] for a slower response.

Why is my rank #N/A

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